Hello one and all.

It was so nice listening to rain this morning, as I awoke, and enjoying the light breeze blowing in the window and across the room. For a brief moment, I forgot about the cats suffering the elements outside. I always worry about the animals outside but intensely more when the weather causes them more serious issues to handle.

When I first moved here, I made no effort to accommodate the animals outside because we had indoor animals to care for. We had three cats and a dog that needed our attention. However, it was not very long before my children were bringing cats in and I was putting food outside. My children really loved feeding the animals outside, and was even able to catch a few of them. Some of the cats were able to leave and find wonderful new homes.

You truly do not see the stray and wild cats in your area until you provide food. So a little time went by and I was encouraged to set up safe and dry stations. These areas were on porches in boxes or under benches and chairs. Nothing fancy but the cats seem to appreciate these areas minus the few fights that we had to stop or interrupt the mating sessions. You never know what weather elements in Missouri, but these simple care stations was a hit with the cats in our area. We soon realized that we had more cats than we had room for and my neighbor had her hand full as well.

My neighbor has lived on this block for years and has taken care of hundred of cats. She did not mind tending to the animals around her home. However, her husband was not a fan of cats and you can still hear him yelling about the cats in her home. She did not care if the cats were hers, a stray, or just one passing through the neighborhood. She wanted all the animals to be feed well because that is what her parents taught her on the farm when she was younger.

None of the neighbors were pleased by her efforts but she ignored their pleas to stop enticing the cats into the neighborhood. Now there is two feeding and caring for strays but we are still out numbered by cats needing loving families.

So the day is ending and the storms have moved out. All the cats shelter were wet but we still put out food for those faithful cats. We are so worried for these homeless cats and hate being so helpless. We have asked people to take on a new house guest but no one responded. Those that we know have their hands full and others do not care to take on the responsibility. So the sunset sets and I wonder how I can make things better for them. Doing a few internet searches but no one in our area is willing to help.


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