One of the mama kittens has issues with her breast glands. I am no Vet but I am sure she is very sick. I can not help her and from what I am reading, she could even die.  Not knowing what is wrong is tough on an animal lover. I pray God will help us.

I have tried to make her feel special. I have been able to catch her and give her some attention. I have given her a little milk and tuna but not sure how her body will handle it. I just wanted to make her happy and animals seem happy with human food items.

I have been reading about human food, and feeding them human food is not good. Funny, because I have been doing it for years. Lucky, I have not hurt one of their digestive tracks. I know I am not the only one to do feed animals human food.

Of course, the pet food companies suggest their foods to prevent any complications. I can barely afford to buy what I can now, but I clearly can not afford the Vet’s recommendation for cats. The prices are ridiculous and no real discounts.

Wonder if Vets really want to help animals or just make pet owners go broke? Why would they not offer a discount? Discounts or coupons would be a great way to appreciate a returning customer. Instead, Vet’s come up with new tests or new reasons to charge customers more money.

I would be able to help these strays if I had money. I could do more for them if I had money. If I could find a Vet who cared, maybe I would be able to do more for the neighborhood cats. There are a lot of “ifs” and I will find a solution. I know God will help me and answer my prayers!!

Would you consider helping? Could you adopt a cat or help feed stray cats? Could you afford to help me stop the reproduction problem among cats in our neighborhood?

Please email: speek1.sp@gmail.com


Published by: mamakitty2015

I love my children dearly and our efforts to help others or animals. My mission for this blog will be to inform others about the issues we face assisting the abandoned or stray/feral cats in our neighborhood. We accept all forms of help and we are just a small family trying to impact the group of cats in near our home. Food and toys, cat litter and litter pans, are always needed but cash donations need to go to a vet in our area. We are not a charity yet but we do what we can. Please contact me if you have anything you could contribute to our efforts. Thank you for your time and support.

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