Injured Cats

Good afternoon one and all….

I go outside yesterday and notice another cat  is hurt. It is another wild cat and I feel so bad because it is not the first to show up mysteriously hurt. Why do so many accidents occur to animals on this block? Do the animals wander away and get hurt and then come back? It is truly heart breaking.

There is an orange cat, which has a twin, that started limping almost two weeks ago. Then yesterday, I noticed his paw missing hair but not sure how or why. Today I noticed blood on his same paw but not sure why. Did he get into a fight or did he injure himself climbing out of a tree? I was sad and frustrated because there is nothing I can do. I truly need help!!!

One strong and loving stray, we call her cripple, now gets around on three legs. We could not afford to take her and no one would help catch her, so she is permanently disabled. It is so sad to me. I hate to see anyone suffer. I feel bad for these strays and still looking for help.

Strays or Feral cats are tough. Several seem to recover well but so many have had cuts or scratches, limps and bruises. I see a lot of them suffer!! I just want to offer them all love. Would you consider adopting one of the neighborhood cats?

I am in need a financial help with these cats. So many of them need to be fixed so they do not multiply. All of them need a loving home. Please share this post. Maybe you know someone who is willing to adopt a pet cat today. Please contact me. Thank you for taking time to read this and reposting.


Published by: mamakitty2015

I love my children dearly and our efforts to help others or animals. My mission for this blog will be to inform others about the issues we face assisting the abandoned or stray/feral cats in our neighborhood. We accept all forms of help and we are just a small family trying to impact the group of cats in near our home. Food and toys, cat litter and litter pans, are always needed but cash donations need to go to a vet in our area. We are not a charity yet but we do what we can. Please contact me if you have anything you could contribute to our efforts. Thank you for your time and support.

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