Cat swiped

We have had these kitten on our front porch for several days. I have been concerned for their safety but we have tried to protect the mother and babies. I have wanted to bring them in and provide shelter and make sure they would not grow up wild.

Their mother must have known we have too much activity on our front porch because she has moved them a couple of times. She had them in one boxed and moved 3 of them somewhere, after a major rain. Not sure why she left one but that’s when we discovered the moving efforts of their mother.

When she came back, she moved the last baby to a box on the other side of the porch. We covered the bench with a blanket, which their box was under the bench. After several hours, we discovered we had moved the other three back to the new box. We were so happy they were safe and nothing got to them.

Today I checked on them and discovered the same 3 had been moved again. Not sure why but I worried about the last one. This is the same kitten she left or ignored last time. Maybe its to heavy for her to carry or there is something wrong. Not sure what is going on.

I know the kittens have been moved under our house, so I try to encourage her to take the last one over there but had no efforts. She did have it on the porch feeding it for a while. When she walked away, her sister and the other nursing mother picked this baby up and carried it away.

I was shocked. She just swiped this mother’s cat baby and there is nothing I could do. I tried to show her where the other mother cat  had carried it under the house but that failed to communicate with her. She seems confused or upset about it missing. She keeps looking for it in the box on the porch, but not sure what to do nor where she put the other 3 baby kittens.

This was strange to me. I know that mother nature will take care of things but this is hard for me. How will I catch them or find them homes? How will I be able to take pictures? I apologize to those who wanted pictures but I am hopeful for the best.

If your interested in adopting a cat or helping with my efforts of getting these cats spay/neutered, please contact me. I would like to set up an account somewhere so the funds would be directed to a Veterinarian Clinic willing to work or offer the TNR program. Anyone have any thoughts about this idea?

Please email me at

Published by: mamakitty2015

I love my children dearly and our efforts to help others or animals. My mission for this blog will be to inform others about the issues we face assisting the abandoned or stray/feral cats in our neighborhood. We accept all forms of help and we are just a small family trying to impact the group of cats in near our home. Food and toys, cat litter and litter pans, are always needed but cash donations need to go to a vet in our area. We are not a charity yet but we do what we can. Please contact me if you have anything you could contribute to our efforts. Thank you for your time and support.

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