Please use your table scraps for a homeless animal.

Welcome to a new year but we are facing the same daily struggles in this small town. By no surprise, towns everywhere have homeless animal problems that get overlooked or the problem is under budgeted, so animals get ignored or treated poorly. Many pet owners consider their pet as part of their family but we are seeing an increased number of homeless animals because the family could not support their family member. Even in small towns, animals are being ignored or abandoned. I can not help all animals but I encourage you to support a charity that is making a difference or put food down in your town.

However, I insist cats come on my property because they need help. They could be looking for food or they may be injured. Some come on my property to hide for one reason or another but that does not make them my pet. I keep getting threatened because of the number on my property and claim that by feeding them I assume ownership of that animal. This crazy and I could not afford that many pets. Bates County does not have a shelter for homeless cats and many people just ignore the wandering animals. How could you walk by an animal leaving in a sewer pipe? How could you enter a restaurant and throw away your leftovers knowing there was a starving homeless cat laying in those sewer pipes?

How could you walk by an animal living in a sewer pipe? How could you enter a restaurant by that sewer drainage and throw away your leftovers? How could you not be moved to purchase food for that cat starving in those sewer pipes? Every day I witness food being thrown away by a restaurant who is aware of the homeless cats around their property and does nothing to help them. They just join others who look the other way or deny there is a homeless cat problem. Our property is separated by an alley but I am the one who is blamed for the cats lingering around this part of town. This totally unfair to me and those starving cats!

How many people will admit they help a homeless animal? How many admit they ignore the animals because they want them to go away? Do you think these cats will get help somewhere else or become someone else’s problem if you ignore them? These animals do not have much to choose from and not many will help a homeless animal. It is sad to see any creature hungry in our great country. What kind of person are you? Would you please make the effort today and stop looking the other way? You never know when a cat’s life will depend on the food you give them.

It appears that many citizens look the other way most of the time. I wonder what they tell themselves? Do those people think animals can control their hunger? I don’t understand how people ignore a hungry animal and then throw their extras into the trash. Then complain about animals tearing up their trash and making a horrible mess for them to clean up. I wonder if they realize how silly they sound. If they would put their food scraps down or in a place for the animals to find, then they would not have to pick up the horrible mess on the following day.

Correcting the number of homeless animals in America will take several people addressing the problem. Addressing the homeless cats in Adrian will take more than one person. However, we are all able to help feed a starving animal in our neighborhoods. Please consider the food you waste and if it is safe for an animal to consume it. Please save the food and you could save the life of an animal. If you do not know the animal, do not approach, but place the food where you see the animal laying around. I know we are all capable of caring and helping homeless animals.




Published by: mamakitty2015

I love my children dearly and our efforts to help others or animals. My mission for this blog will be to inform others about the issues we face assisting the abandoned or stray/feral cats in our neighborhood. We accept all forms of help and we are just a small family trying to impact the group of cats in near our home. Food and toys, cat litter and litter pans, are always needed but cash donations need to go to a vet in our area. We are not a charity yet but we do what we can. Please contact me if you have anything you could contribute to our efforts. Thank you for your time and support.

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